Ceramic ceiling for CEVISAMA Ceramic ceiling for CEVISAMA Ceramic ceiling for CEVISAMA

Ceramic ceiling for CEVISAMA
Instituto de la Tecnología Cerámica

After the celebration of the Trans-milestones contest for the Cevisama Fair 2018, this sculpture, designed by the architects Elena de Oleza and Louis Sicard, was delcared the winner of the third edition.

The project starts from the idea of ??the ceramic piece as generator of the structure, focusing all the sculptural design on this. The cylindrical geometry is composed of a lattice of ceramic tiles, whose union creates equilateral triangles distributed around the perimeter of the circular base. The total height of the set is about 3 meters. The use of colors was played with to create colour streams in function of the direction of the route, white in one direction and clayey brown in the other.

Windmill´s work consisted in the evaluation of the safety of the structure and the design of the equilibrium systems for its correct operation.

The structure works in a duality of compressed and tractioned elements. The compression is manifested mainly in the vertical diagonals, the horizontal cords being the tensile elements. In order not to compromise the stability of the assembly or the resistance of the ceramic itself, said tractions are supported by equidistant cable courses every 30 cm. Some pieces of "palmar" geometry have been designed, created by means of plastic resin in molds, as a union element of the ceramic.

The cables, whose material is nylon, have a thickness of 2mm. In order to improve the behavior of the whole against accidental loads, it was proposed to tighten them. To control the starting tension during the construction, the deformation of each strand of cable was controlled, by means of its modulus of elasticity, as a function of the tensile force P0, fixed at 40 kg