Homes in Quart de Poblet
Homes in Quart de Poblet Homes in Quart de Poblet Homes in Quart de Poblet

Homes in Quart de Poblet
Grupo Atica

This project is a 13-storey residential building with a volume formed by the union of a tower (ground floor + 11) and a block (ground floor + 8). In addition, a ground floor for commercial use and three basement floors for parking and storage are contemplated.

In the architectural project it is worth noting the sinuousness of the building's perimeter with its rounded corners and a set of terraces and balconies that have closed 1m spans. On the upper floors, the spaces generated are used as terraces by setting the enclosures back and reducing the footprint of the block from the 8th floor to that of a smaller tower.

Windmill's mission has been to draft the structural and foundation project for the residential building. The building is solved by means of solid slab flooring to correctly adapt to the particular geometry of the project with rounded contours, overhangs and large spans.

One of the most relevant aspects of the project has been the adaptation of the vertical structure to the different uses of the project and variations in the distribution of dwellings on the upper floors with respect to the lower ones.

Due to an architectural requirement, the building does not have an expansion joint and therefore the thermal actions have been taken into account in the analysis of the above-grade structure. In the basement and foundation slabs, specific construction processes have been defined with concrete joints to control the effects of concrete retraction in confined areas.