Municipal swimming pool in Sant Quirze, Barcelona Municipal swimming pool in Sant Quirze, Barcelona

Municipal swimming pool in Sant Quirze, Barcelona
2021 - In progress
080 Arquitectura

This is the project for the municipal swimming pool and gym for the Sant Quirze town hall.

The pool, 25m long and 21 wide, is covered with a light wooden structure, made up of mixed wood and steel Fink beams, the span to be covered by the Fink beams is greater than 26 metres. Laminated and diagonal wood straps are arranged on the Fink beams that guarantee the rigidity of the roof solution. The pillars of the entire pool are dimensioned from laminated wood sections and are supported on a concrete basement in which the installations and compensation tanks run.

Between the pool and the gym there is a triangular area, due to the geometry of the plot, which includes an activity pool and a plaza above it. The structure to cover this activity pool is solved by a mixed structure of wood and concrete.

Within the structure of the gym, based on pillars and concrete slabs, all the changing rooms, project facilities and communication and stairs are located . Located on the upper level of the gym is a large activity space covered by a metallic structure made from Boyd beams with a span of more than 16m.